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Dido and Aeneas

Henry Purcell

In a first for Sunday Morning Concerts, Henry Purcell's opera brings love and humour to the stage with Véronique Gens and Nicolas Rivenq!

Véronique Gens  Dido
Nicolas Rivenq  Aeneas
Hasnaa Bennani  Belinda
Aurore Bucher  First Witch
Dania El Zein  Second Witch, Second woman
Marie-Laure Coenjaerts  Sorceress, Spirit
Denis Mignien  Sailor
David Witczak  He

La Grande Ecurie et la Chambre du Roy
Jean-Claude Malgoire  direction

With Henry Purcell’s Dido and Aeneas, written in 1689 in a Chelsea girls’ school, a spark of mischief takes to the stage, illuminating it with a vitality and power of invention unknown in 17th century opera. This unusually dense world-opera  shifts from fantastical evocations to striking laments, from lofty nobility to the most unbridled fantasy, and conjures up an infinite palette of emotions, despite its brevity. Jean-Claude Malgoire’s venerable Grande Écurie et Chambre du Roy players tackle this perfect work, which is both intimate and rich in dramatic power, with the inspiration and taste we have come to expect of them. The soloists, including Nicolas Rivenq and Véronique Gens in the main roles, sing arias which have entered into posterity, notably the deeply moving Dido’s Lament, one of the pinnacles of western musical achievement. 


Pierre et le loup... et le jazz

Enregistrement de l'album "Pierre et le loup... et le jazz" avec The Amazing Keystone Big Band, Denis Podalydès et Leslie Menu.

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