Théâtre des Champs Élysées

Les Dissonances
David Grimal  violin
Hans-Peter Hofmann violin
Anna Göckel violin

Les Dissonances, led by David Grimal, shift from orchestra to chamber group mode in this programme of Bach concertos

Bach  Concerto for two violins No. 1 BWV 1060R
Concerto pour violin No. 1 BWV 1041
Concerto pour violin No. 2 BWV 1042
Concerto for two violins BWV 1043

With Les Dissonances, David Grimal has formed an ensemble which reflects his personality in its  openness to all repertoires and periods, and is endowed with a rigour and will power rarely found today. Embarking on a venture like this doubtless required a healthy dose of insouciance, but to a greater extent an unshakeable belief in his mission. Over ten years after the creation of Les Dissonances, success is assured with brio. This will be demonstrated once again in this Bach programme devoted to the “instrument of kings”. With the two members of the ensemble, David Grimal glorifies the ardour, and unquenchable inspiration of these scores by Bach at his most convivial. The enduring appeal of his virtuoso ritornellos makes them one of his most approachable and popular works.


Pierre et le loup... et le jazz

Enregistrement de l'album "Pierre et le loup... et le jazz" avec The Amazing Keystone Big Band, Denis Podalydès et Leslie Menu.

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