Théâtre des Champs Élysées

Déesses et Démones  (2015, creation)          

Blanca Li - Maria Alexandrova

Blanca Li and Maria Alexandrova conjure up mythological figures in a new show choreographed and performed by these two stars of dance

Blanca Li  artistic direction
Blanca Li, Maria Alexandrova  choreography and dance

Tao Gutierrez  music
with psychoacoustic settings from
La Danse Macabre from Saint-Saëns, Concerto No.1 for Piano and Orchestra from Chopin,Serenata arabe from Albeniz
recorded by MAD4STRINGS
Carlos Martin direction
Gherardo Catanzaro piano
Carlos Koschitzky et Enrico Barbaro Mixed music  

Pierre Attrait  sets
Charles Carcopino  video 
Thank you to Azzedine Alaïa, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Stella McCartney and Sophie Théallet for the costumes, to John Nollet for the coiffure and to Erik Halley for the accessories

Approximate running time : 1h20 without intermission

Déesses et Démones – a meeting between two dance stars for a “mythological” creation. As in the days of the Greek gods, they come together and confront each other, transform themselves into she-demons or benevolent deities in order to change the destiny of mortals and spread power, joy and energy all around them. Are these two female dancers two sides of the same coin? They control heat and cold and represent chaos and harmony. These two forces of nature, who are virtuosic and sensitive, goddesses and she-demons, are similar yet dissimilar.

For Blanca Li, a choreographer who defies definition, and Maria Alexandrova, a principal dancer at the Bolchoï Ballet, it offers an opportunity to explore their secret personalities together. Despite their different career paths, they come together as twins in harmony and in violence alike. They assert their differences and similarities. They are simultaneously different and equal and conjure up the power of mythological and totemic figures with highly lyrical and strong gestures. 


Eric Ruf

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Déesses et Démones

Répétitions au Théâtre du Bolchoï de "Déesses et Démones" avec Blanca Li et Maria Alexandrova.


Pierre et le loup... et le jazz

Enregistrement de l'album "Pierre et le loup... et le jazz" avec The Amazing Keystone Big Band, Denis Podalydès et Leslie Menu.

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