Théâtre des Champs Élysées


Georg Friedrich Haendel

Sheer seduction as the story of the legendary queen and founder of Naples, courted by three suitors, is set to music

It is with a great sadness that we learned of the passing of Philippe Jaroussky's father. Therefore, he will not sing in Partenope on the 13th of January. He will be replaced by Lawrence Zazzo.
Thank you for your understanding.

Maxim  Emelyanychev  direction

Lawrence Zazzo  Arsace
Karina Gauvin  Partenope
John Mark Ainsley  Emile
Emöke Baráth  Armindo
Kate Aldrich  Rosmira
Victor Sicard  Ormonte

Il Pomo d’Oro

Approximate running time : 1st part 1h30 - intermission - 2nd part 1h15)

In the 1730s, the opera seria model became widespread throughout the whole of Europe and singers, be they sopranos or castrati with head voices, became true divas whose favours were fought over from Naples to St Petersburg. Handel, a popular composer, but also a stunningly talented producer, drew on the huge repertoire of Italian librettos in circulation at the time for his new work Partenope. Leonardo Vinci had enjoyed a resounding success with this libretto five years earlier in Venice and successfully brought the best out of the higher-pitched voices (soprano, castrato and tenor), which were the toast of London audiences. Partenope tells the story of the legendary founding Queen of Naples, who is courted by three suitors (Emilio, Arsace and Amindo). The work is imbued with high seduction and grand theatricality and the inventive musical richness of the Caro Sassone scales the peaks of delicacy. The bloody battles for hearts and on the battlefield alike and a score teeming with energy and wicked charm contains some of the pure vocal gems of which Handel is the undisputed master.

Eric Ruf

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Extrait de l'enregistrement de Partenope de Haendel avec Philippe Jaroussky sous la direction de Riccardo Minasi à la tête de Il Pomo d'Oro


Pierre et le loup... et le jazz

Enregistrement de l'album "Pierre et le loup... et le jazz" avec The Amazing Keystone Big Band, Denis Podalydès et Leslie Menu.

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