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Jean-Baptiste Lully

The battle between Perseus and Medusa is one of Lully's finest creations, performed for the marriage of the Dauphin and Marie-Antoinette

Opera in four acts
1770 version
Libretto by Philippe Quinault

Hervé Niquet  direction

Mathias Vidal  Persée
Hélène Guilmette  Andromède
Katherine Watson  Mérope
Tassis Christoyannis  Phinée
Jean Teitgen  Céphée
Chantal Santon-Jeffery  Vénus
Marie Lenormand Cassiope
Cyrille Dubois  Mercure
Marie Kalinine  Méduse
Thomas Dolié  Sténone
Zachary Wilder  Euryale

Le Concert Spirituel
Chœur du Concert Spirituel

Composed for Louis XIV by Jean-Baptiste Lully and his loyal librettist Philippe Quinault, who drew on Ovid, Perseus is an archetypal monumental opera. This spectacular work sprinkled with dances, fight scenes, monsters and special effects, tells the extraordinary story of Perseus, son of Zeus and victor over the serpent-haired gorgon Medusa. In the characteristic mode of works by Lully, it comprises an overture, prologue (in praise of Louis XIV) and five acts. The work is a highly flamboyant blend of heroic glory and the pangs of love delivered with balance and subtlety. More than half a century after it was premiered, Perseus was chosen by Louis XV for the inauguration of the new Opera House at the Palace of Versailles on the occasion of the marriage of Marie-Antoinette and the Dauphin. This infrequently performed work is being woken from its musical slumbers by Hervé Niquet, who is keen to revive this masterpiece imbued with the authentic spirit of Viollet-Le-Duc.


Pierre et le loup... et le jazz

Enregistrement de l'album "Pierre et le loup... et le jazz" avec The Amazing Keystone Big Band, Denis Podalydès et Leslie Menu.

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